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Case Study

In October of 2018, Nick Bognar reached out through a mutual friend of ours in hopes that he could get connected with a graphic designer that could brand a dinner series. Shortly, after exchanging emails we branded a dinner series that propelled Nick and the restaurant his family owned onto the mainstage of the St. Louis food scene.

omakase logo.png

With the initial dinner only 2 weeks away, we talked about the culture of Japan cuisine and what Omakase even was and meant. This gave us the fuel to craft something the communicated the true essence of the Nick and his style of sushi. The overall message was not to communicate this dinner as something out of reach and most importantly not out of touch so we took from graffiti culture deconstructed a serif font.

Next, we tapped into designing for social media. We both agreed that Instagram Stories was the best vehicle of communication so from there we crafted a slew of vertical graphics that would stop thumbs from swiping, for at least a few seconds.

story graphics.png

Finally, with dinner guests secured we were able to focus on our final phase of this project, the dining experience. We created small 4x6 menus that started all 12 courses being demonstrated at the dinner. The final, tangible touch.


This small but effective branding project resulted in a series of six Omakase Dinners that sold out within hours of each announcement. At each dinner, tickets sold for $150 per person with only 12 seats available. The Omakase experience paved the way for Nick Bognar landing him James Beard Award Semifinalist Nomination for Rising Star Chef and simultaneously generating momentum to open the highly-anticipated iNDO in June 2019.



I love working with these guys. They’re extremely timely, punctual and always have the projects done on time. Their ability to really figure out cool ways to do marketing and graphic design has definitely helped our success online and here at the restaurant.
— Nick Bognar (Executive Chef of iNDO & Nippon TEI)

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