Soloprenuer Brand Strategy In 2021

Brand strategy can be a thing that's very hard to explain, but if you look around, it's something we've all bought into in some form. For example, Apple has built its brand around elitism (unfortunately) which we've all unfortunately bought into. In the marketing realm, if you want to get really technical, we Apple users (after I bashed Apple lol) are looked are typically seen in the market as early adopters. We see new useful tech and we immediately jump on it. We see a fancy commercial of a fly ass new laptop, we buy it. They target video editors, music producers, rappers, photographers alike. No one is safe because we all identify with what looks like are the core values and lifestyle of being a digital creative.

Apple has built its brand around elitism (unfortunately) which we've all unfortunately bought into.

For a solopreneur business, you can't necessarily do it as big as Apple but you can take nods from their strategies.

Here's how at least I believe:

  • Immerse your audience in your passion - A personal belief system and no, I'm not talking about creating a religion with a cult that prays to strippers (thank you, Killer Mike.) I'm saying allow your brand to immerse itself into who you are as a person at scale. If you're deeply passionate about pizza, post pizza on your account every day every so often and it's up to you on deep into the pizza rabbit hole you go but posting it will build on top of your brand in an invisible manner, you'll only have to show up. And this can be multiple passions btw.
  • Your philosophy is in you - for me, it's rap, design, philosophy itself. It's hard to explain how I found a core philosophy but within every individual, there's a belief system that can at the least be ideated upon. I believe that many of us naturally live out our own philosophies in life and the more you become more at peace with who you are as a person, grateful for what you have, and aware of things (aka living in the moment) you'll understand what's important to you. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this correctly, but that's how I did it. This exists for every individual.
  • All ideas are great - the one thing that stopped me early on before Forthewhen was a thing before Phonzz was a thing, it was overthinking. So many albums, songs even music videos I tossed in the can due to not believing in what I did. And believing in what you're doing is the biggest piece of advice I can offer in developing a brand, this is even before a logo is made. Logos are nothing if you can't hit publish.

If you haven't caught on to the motif yet, it's this, branding is invisible. It's an invisible fight between the creative solopreneur and the "judgment" of those that "might" have something negative to say. And honestly, if they do, they can catch the block button. The block button is your friend. Anyway, building a brand is about understanding your brand inside and out. I could've easily given the advice of developing a psychograph, knowing your consumer's favorite food (pizza in this case) and that SEO is your best friend (it is, even in 2021, but we'll get there.)

Really the best advice I can offer is, before you sketch a logo, release the logo and get disappointed that people are connected to your personal brand. Develop your brand in real-time, fail in front of your audience in real-time, post things you're interested in (your philosophy and pizza), and don't be afraid to go hyper-niche. There's nothing worse than an unspecific brand.